stimulate your natural sun defense


The same way you reinforce your immune system to help your body fight random external aggressors, your skin is equipped with its own sun defense system. Using the melanin, a natural sun protectign agent that we all have (more or less), this sophisticated system helps our skin fight the damaging effects of the rays on our skin (accelerated aging, skin cancer, skin elasticity loss...), while allowing for the benefits: the synthesis of vitamin D.

The more active your skin's sun defense system, the better protected you are against the invisible and harmful effects of ambient rays.

This is exactly what our technology is here for. 

How it works


Our biomimetic peptide mimics the action of sunlight on skin and naturally activates the melanin and its UV protection and repair properties. When properly stimulated, it can actively mitigate the harmful effects of daily UV rays.



Because the skin cannot cope alone with repeated UV exposure, we’ve added powerful and all natural UV-A, Blue Light and IR filters, anti-oxidants, and star ingredient hyaluronic acid, for full anti-photoaging benefits.



Incidental Sun Smart Serum gives the delicate skin on your face the right level of protection against ambient sunlight all day, whether or not you’re already using sun protection.

Use it every monging, mixed with your daily moisturizer or make up, and let it work through the day.

Contains only naturally derived ingredients, coming from botanicals and marine ecosystem.

Incidental Sun Smart Scalp & Hair Mousse is the equivelent of the serum, specifically formulated fo rte scalp and hair: stimulate sthe sun defense of the skin on scalp, while delaying the greying of hair roots and protecting the locks.

Use it during the day, either with wet or dry hair, as often as you want. Disappears instantly, non greasy, compliant with all hair texture. 

Behind the products

FAQ: How does melanin work with UV protection?

Melanin is a pigment naturally present in the skin, hair and eyes, which purpose is to protect and repair damage on skin cells created by exposure to UV rays. In the skin, melanin serves as a physical barrier that scatters UV rays, as an absorbent filter that protects against the penetration of UV through the epidermis, and as a repair agent against oxidation in skin cells. In hair, it provides the color, and acts as a protection of proteins such as keratin, keeping the hair soft, strong and healthy.The activation of melanin under the effect of sunlight is called photo-adaptation: it is the ability of the body to defend itself against the damages caused by UV exposure, by scavenging free radicals and limiting the oxidation of skin cells, and the deterioration of DNA.

Melanin serves as a physical barrier and protects against the penetration of UV through the epidermis.

FAQ: Is Skinergies a sunscreen?

Skinergies' products are not sunscreen per se. Sunscreens use filters that block the penetration of UV-B rays (not so much UV-A despite the broad spectrum claim) into the skin, over a limited duration (1-2 hours max, and only if properly applied). Sunscreen also prevent sthe synthesis of vitamin D. While sunscreen is recommended to use at the beach and during situations of prolonged exposure to UV-B rays, it cannot do much against every day rays, mostly composed of UV-A.

Skinergies products work the other way round: they strengthen the natural sun defense system of the skin, for the body to be able to trigger its own protection when randomly hit by ambient sunlight.

FAQ: Why would I want to stimulate my sun defense?

Because it is your only way to protect against the harmful effects of ambient sunlight, considered to be the cause of 90% of the damage on our skin. Our exposure to ambient sublight is passive and happens when we don't realize it. Having your defense system ready is your safest and most natural way to protect your skin when it needs it, without having to worry about it. Exactly like your immune system!

FAQ: Can I use the serum in addition to a sunscreen?

You sure can ! If you use sunscreen or SPF based moisturizer/makeup every day to protect against ambient sublight, the serum will take over and provide continuous protection once the sunscreen stops acting.

The mousse is different and serves as your scalp's defense system, since there's no real sunscreen for the scalp and hair on the market.



This graph shows a significantly higher protection against both UV-A and UV-B damage (71% and 90% respectively) in situation B vs situation A. Situation A resembles a regular day, after sunscreen fades away.


When measured after 2 weeks, the capacity of Incidental Sun Smart Serum’s UV-A filter to neutralize free radicals was slightly superior to that of a sunscreen with synthetic filters, with 1% UV-A filter and 4% UV-B filter.